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Thanks for visiting the KCRX website. KCRX provides the Pecos Valley with the best mix of Good Time Rock & Roll Oldies that the market has ever crank it up as loud as you can and tell us what you want to hear by calling the KCRX Oldies Radio request line:
1 ( 8 0 0 ) 8 3 3 - 9 2 1 1

KCRX Radio was born in 1927 under the call sign KGFL and was Roswell's first radio station. It is also the station that broke the story of the UFO crash in while another station in town may call themselves the "UFO Station"...well WE are the station that brought that famous news story to life and to the world. In later generations, we became known as KKAT (a call sign now used in Utah) and was a top 40 Rock station in Southeastern New Mexico. Later, KKAT morphed into KCRX - Roswell's home for Good Time Rock & Roll Oldies!
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